Our Magic Packaging System®

Magic Packaging System®, our trademarked range, is an international synonym for guarantee and quality: our Magic Corner® corner and Magic Strap® straps have been accompanying major international companies exporting fruit and high-value products for years.

Whatever the sector in which the company operates, we are a reliable international partner with proven technical expertise in palletising and goods transport.

Our Magic Corner® line includes several types of edgeboard, all customisable in terms of robustness, reliability and materials.

The high-quality straps with great flexibility and machinability.

8 tips for the perfect palletizing

  • Always apply all 4 corners, pillars of the pallet.
  • Mount the straps at the same distance from each other.
  • Use good quality cardboard boxes, so that the pallet does not collapse due to their weakness.
  • Stack the boxes keeping them aligned with the edges of the base of the pallet, to avoid deformation of the corners. Avoid creating empty spaces inside the pallet, between one box and the other, to prevent them from moving during transport.
  • Apply the corner pieces at a distance of 2″(5 cm) from the ground so that they do not touch it and prevent them from getting wet, in case the pallet is placed on a wet surface.
  • Apply the first line of strapping at a distance of 8-12″(20-30 cm) from the ground to avoid application too close to the support base of the first box in contact with the wooden pallet, the weakest point of the entire pallet .
  • Strapping and strapping lines should be mounted away from the meeting point between two boxes, because it is another very weak part along the pallet profile.
  • Apply strapping lines with the pressure needed only to slightly mark the corners. Do not exceed with the tightness to avoid producing the opposite effect, that is, weakening the corners!