Customised packaging solutions

Whatever your sector of operation, we are a partner you can rely on for your various packaging needs: we manufacture a wide range of targeted and customisable solutions for specific applications.

We offer consultancy and specific know-how geared to meeting our customers’ needs with innovative products, excellent materials and advanced technologies.

Alongside our conventional paper and plastic-based products, we offer a range of alternative packaging solutions made with sustainable materials or certified as compostable.

Packaging for industry

We supply industrial packaging materials to meet various needs in the packing, palletisation and transport of goods. We make lightweight, high-performance packaging that retains the goodness and properties of fresh products.

Our range of industrial packaging for transport includes our Magic-Corner® edgeboards, which can be customised in terms of size, performance and graphics. To accompany our edgeboards, we supply our Magic-Strap® strapping, available in either polypropylene or PET, which stabilises pallets and is extremely flexible and machinable. Other products include our range of stretch films, suitable for the manual or automatic palletisation of electronics, technology and manufactured goods, as well as the food industry.

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Packaging for the food industry

The food, fruit & vegetable and poultry sectors have specific requirements when it comes to food safety, preservation, packaging and transport. In response we offer packaging and logistics solutions of certified quality, fully compatible with the demands of production, transport and movement of goods in the food industry, processing and fresh food preparation. Our main goal is to preserve the freshness of goods and ensure maximum protection throughout the production and logistics chain.

Solutions for every need

Our range of packaging for the palletisation and transport of goods includes Magic Corner® edgeboards, Magic Strap® strapping, cardboard pallet covers, films for manual and automatic palletisation, and a series of accessories including trolleys for strapping and seals, strap tighteners and ethylene absorbent filters.. The latter control and maintain the levels of ethylene produced by fruit during shipping, particularly overseas.

Our range of packaging products also includes Magic-Stretch®, a line of resistant, flexible stretch films suitable for all types of wrapping machines. Alternatively, our Magic-Flo®, flowpack film guarantees excellent grip and machinability, as well as superb performance in terms of preservation and display of goods. Our Magic-Net® line of extruded meshes is available in a variety of weights, formats and materials; we also offer a complete range of PE bags, made either in HDPE or LDPE.

To contain and protect fruit, we propose our Magic Punnet®, trays made using natural metrials, alongside our line of pulp moulded trays.

These are joined by our paper pads – a sustainable alternative for protection and shock-absorption, and our special papers for wrapping and lining.

Other solutions we offer arepolipak and PET lids, adhesive tape, bubble wrap in bag format or on rolls, string and coppered plate.

We offer to each sector a consolidated know-how and the ability to respond to the various specific needs, with innovative products and excellent raw materials:

  • Fruit and vegetable;
  • Food;
  • Dairy;
  • Confectionery;
  • Poultry;
  • Fish;
  • Industrial;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Winery;
  • Horticultural.

Are you looking for high-quality packaging to preserve the safety, freshness and integrity of your food products?