Our Magic Packaging System®

Magic Packaging System®, our registered trademark range, is an international synonym of guarantee and quality: it includes cardboard edgeboard, strapping, extruded nets, flowpack films and stretch films, trays.

Whichever your sector of operation, we are a partner you can rely on for your various packaging needs: we manufacture a wide range of targeted and customisable solutions for specific applications.

Our Magic Corner® line includes several types of edgeboard, all customisable in terms of robustness, reliability and materials.

The high-quality straps with great flexibility and machinability.

High-quality extruded mesh to preserve the goodness of your products.

Stretch PVC film to preserve the appearance and quality of your products.

Resistant flowpack material for the protection and display of fresh products.

Magic-Punnet® trays to protect and preserve your products.