Special Papers

A wide range of special papers to preserve product freshness

We offer a comprehensive range of paper and cardboard designed specifically for fruit and vegetables, available in various formats, colours and weights.

The composition and quality of the paper preserves the goodness of fruit and vegetables, prevents deterioration and protects goods during packaging and transport.

2 reasons to choose our special papers

  • Safety

    The gray and blue, round and bottom papers allow you to protect the integrity of fruit and vegetables from the attack of contaminating bacterial agents and avoid their rapid deterioration and damage.

  • Versatility

    Available on reels, strips or sheets of various size and weight, our papers are extremely versatile and suitable for a range of applications.

Ideal for the fruit and vegetable sector

The high-performance of our special papers make them perfect for the fruit and vegetable sector, which need solutions capable of protecting fruit, preserving its qualities and freshness, and ensuring a long shelf-life. We offer a complete line of PE bags suitable for the preservation and shipment of goods, produced from HDPE and LDPE raw materials, available in different sizes, perforations and thicknesses, for both automatic and manual use, with customizable printing.