Who are we?

Graziani Packaging is a company which is continuously and innovatively forward-looking, be that with regards to products or organization. The company offers excellent products thanks to internal know-how, to production capabilities, those of the sector and to the continuous training of its personnel. Over the years, it has conquered clients throughout the world thanks to knowledge of the market at an international level, and to the ability to offer high quality products with maximum personalization, as with the printing on edgeboards. With its own headquarters at Bora di Mercato Saraceno near Cesena, and the production unit in Spain, near Valencia, it has a presence in 40 countries.
Currently, the Graziani Packaging portfolio contains the whole range of products for packaging fruit and vegetables and industrial applications: Materials for palletizing; special papers and cardboards; films and sacks for preserving; strapping and accessories for trolleys; netting for wrapping, but above all, Magic-Corner® edgeboard, Magic-Strap® strapping and Magic-Net® netting, which represent the core business of the company. We are able to produce personalized technical characteristics, adjusted to the requirements of the client. Mechanical strength, thicknesses, dimensions, colours, resistance to UVA rays, water repellence, different logistics needs and many others depending on whether the items are fruit and vegetables, foods or industrial goods. And it is in this very direction that the new Lean Production project moved, starting in 2016. That is why, over the years, Graziani Packaging has known how to gain the confidence of so many companies, those amongst the most important Italian and foreign manufacturing and food production businesses.

Our story


Guido Enrico Graziani opened a 150 m2 shop in front of the Fruit and Vegetable market of Cesena for the sale of packaging materials.


His son Roberto came into business with his Father.


The first wholesale depot was opened at Cesena, measuring 1,200 m2.
A commercial collaboration with two multi-national groups was established. One making cardboard containers and the other making plastic containers.


The other 2 brothers, Maurizio and Stefano, joined the company. Like their brother Roberto, they were both ex volleyball players.


At the start of the '90s, the first production plant was installed, a large box cutter for transforming special cardboard into fruit and vegetable containers. Guido Enrico retired from the business.


The founder Guido Enrico passed away.
Half way through the same year, the first production machine was installed for pressed cardboard edgeboards and thus the registered brand "Magic-Corner" was established, the edgeboard with magical strength. In the meantime, the range of products was also diversified with the "Monouso & Detergenza" (single use and detergence) line for the public domain.


A small family business in Sicily with a line in edgeboards was taken over.
Thus, Magic-Corner was also launched in Southern Italy. In the meantime, at Cesena, the one production line became two.


At the start of the millennium, there were 3 production lines at Cesena, in order adequately to satisfy market demand. Graziani Packaging participated in the founding of the Mediterranean Fruit Company Consortium, along with a dozen other companies.
In this manner, the process of internationalization began. At the same time, in order to reinforce the "Monouso & Detergenza" sector, the "Pieri & Graziani" company was established with the Pieri family, historically associated with these products. Graziani Packaging also obtained ISO-2000 TUV certification.


The new head office at Bora di Mercato Saraceno was inaugurated, along the Ravenna-Rome arterial road. In the meantime, the new production site was also opened in the province of Valencia in Spain, manned by established Spanish collaborators. Thus, Magic Corner Spain was born.


The production capacity of a small Italian company, specialized in the production of extruded netting, was acquired. This Magic-Net was established with two production lines. In the same year, the Sicilian production experience was terminated. A painful but inevitable decision.


The new, extremely modern, plant at Bora was inaugurated for the production of PP and PET plastic strapping.
The production process uses bottle fragments for conversion into granules and the finished product. Thus, was Magic-Strap initiated. On the other hand, the "Pieri & Graziani" company was terminated and it became the Pieri Group.


The parent company for all the Magic products was born, known as the "Magic Packaging System". In the same year, all the products of the Magic-Corner line were certified as "Class A" recyclable products. Thanks to the internal laboratory, R&S created new product models, be they edgeboards or straps, designed and personalised for the different requirements of the sector.


The TOP models were launched onto the market, both of edgeboards and straps, which for now represent the highest level of quality in our range.


The fifth production line for angle protectors was launched and the first 20 years of the "Magic-Corner" brand was celebrated with new production records, which brings the company ever closer to a historic milestone of 100,000,000 linear metres per year. With the 80 million achieved in 2016, some 10 million pallets of goods have been assembled, considering 8 metres per pallet. At an average value of 1,000 euro, that means a value of 10 billion euro of goods transported, from one part of the world to another with "Magic-Corner".
And also 160 million linear metres of strapping, at an average of 16 m per pallet, equates to 10 million pallets of goods transported. Two large numbers for two "highly strategic" products.

Our mission

Quality, productivity, flexibility.

These are the key words which express the company mission.
Global quality, not only technical but complete with other fundamental values; guarantee of productivity, flexibility of service, transparency in relations, guarantee of professional and social ethics and total company responsibility.
Quality at all points of the compass.

Our vision

To be an excellent company, for proposing excellent products, to be offered to excellent clients.

This is our vision. As far as Graziani is concerned, at the centre of attention there is always a person, be that regarding internal relationships with our collaborators, or external ones. The success of Graziani Packaging started with the desire to know and better interpret the requirements of the client, through contacts and market research, development of solutions and by sharing these experiences.

Code of Ethics

1. Legality and compliance with regulations

2. Professionalism and collaboration

3. Coherence with the company Mission and Vision


Growth and Improvement

Our numbers


Social Commitment

We are firmly rooted in the land in which the company was born and developed, and for this reason, committing to initiatives of solidarity aimed at those less fortunate.
Graziani Packaging is a member and supporter of Casa Insieme, the voluntary organization supporting people with incurable illness.

We habitually participate in initiatives aimed at sustaining projects in social care, in support of the disabled, the aged and children in disadvantaged conditions.

Graziani Packaging is a member and supporter of Fondazione Romagna Solidale aimed at supporting the disadvantaged.

In following the passion for sport which has distinguished the Graziani Brothers, the company is a participant in the promotion of local sporting activities, above all with regard to youth. Graziani Packaging is co-sponsor of the Cesena Volley Club.

Supporting partners of I MECENATI DEL SAVIO: dedicated to the socio-economical development of the valley.

Our partners


Production company and licence holder of the Magic – Corner edgeboard for the territory of Spain


CSO (Fruit and Vegetable Services Centre) has become a preferred meeting place for operators in the fruit and vegetable branch. Founded in 1998, today it has 70 members.


Export consortium aimed at initiatives on foreign markets in the agro-food sector.


New establishment for fruit and vegetable packing, constituted with the Ilpa Group partner, which operates as a distribution platform in Romagna.