The industry, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Electronic sectors have specific needs for packaging, palletizing and transport of goods. Graziani supplies materials for industrial packing able to satisfy them, lightweight, technical and performing packaging which maintain the features of the product unaltered.
All the solutions for industrial packaging - packing products, special papers, strapping, coloured Polypropylene or PE netting - are designed to offer protection from knocks and stability during dispatch.
Ideal for satisfying the requirements of transport, Magic-Strap® strapping in polypropylene and PET which gives stability to the pallet, distinguished by great flexibility and runnability, and the Magic-Corner® series of edgeboards - in the Strong, Simply Hydro and Top variants - flexible and personalize-able.
Amongst the others - ideal for packaging electronic, technological and medical products - the thermally shaped Magic-Punnet®, extremely light and 100% bio-degradable, which allows for the possibility of near limitless personalization.