Fish products

Logistics packaging in the Fish sector calls for freshness. In this field, Graziani Packaging offers systems for quality packaging, nets for molluscs, distinguished by great strength, and systems which guarantee safety in transit, even over long distances.
Magic-Net® - also used in the dairy, confectionary, horticultural and fruit and vegetable sectors - is a high quality extruded netting, both because of the raw materials used and for the production techniques.
Ideal for packaging mussels and clams, the netting made out of Polypropylene or PET - derived from top quality recycled plastic - are offered in an ample range of colours, weights and dimensions, and may be personalized by colour.
Ideal for satisfying transport and eco-compatibility requirements, Magic-Corner®Hydro is suitable for the sector due to its total water-repellence. The edgeboard is made out of papers and completely covered in natural material, which makes it recyclable in the paper system.