The Agro-industrial sector - the first to be served by Graziani Packaging - requires highly performing materials, able to preserve the freshness of fruit and vegetables, and to guarantee maximum stability to the pallet along the whole logistics chain.
Graziani Packaging offers solutions for packaging fruit and vegetables which guarantee the integrity of the products during long journeys and periods of storage.
Products which are resistant, flexible and light such as the Magic-Corner® Top edgeboards, allow for a reduction of packaging material of 20% with a performance increased by up to 30% and beyond; and Magic-Corner® Hydro, made out of cardboard covered in natural materials, completely water resistant, 100% recyclable in the class A paper system. It supplies special papers and boxes for fruit in various formats, colours and weights, various types of bags for packaging, preserving palletization and dispatch of products, and accessories which preserve the freshness of fruit and vegetables such as Proteckfruit and Ethyl Stopper, which absorbs Ethylene and prolongs the shelf-life of foodstuffs.